Cantrell Live Scan

Cantrell Live Scan
Fingerprinting, Notary, Copies, Fax, Background Checks

July 5 hours 10:30-12:30
Open Monday-Friday
10:00am ~ 4:00pm
No Appointment Necessary
Walk In Anytime
Located at Cantrell & Mississippi
Behind Edward's Food Giant
7509 Cantrell Suite 103A
Little Rock
(Between Rosen Music and Sydney's Alterations.)
ATF EFT files - LEARNS Act Compliance
Background Launches
for AR Agencies
Florida scanning available

Cantrell Live Scan

Our office has been continuously open in the same location for over 3 years. Yes, we are OPEN for our normal hours,  from 10 a.m. until at least 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Every. Single. Day.) We come in early as needed and stay long past our closing time, almost daily. (Full disclosure: our owner was 2 hours late to do fingerprints back in late September 2023, we were open, the boss just got “the full dose” from his doc on a little procedure and had to sleep it off. But the office was open, just fingerprinting was running a little late.) Our inclement weather policy will generally follow the Arkansas State Police business offices in Little Rock. We rarely take appointments, except for large groups, and we like to take these before or after our normal hours. You do not have to make an online appointment and pre-pay to obtain our services. We can re-transmit prints rejected from another provider, but we need the “E” number from the ASP and payment since we did not transmit the first bad prints. Ask us about LEARNS background checks.

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Check, any Visa/MC/Amex, ApplePay, GooglePay, CashApp and good marketable livestock. We do NOT accept Venmo (this account is tied to the wife of the owner) or live chickens.

Our office is extremely easy to get to on the ground floor of Tanglewood Shopping Center at the corner of Cantrell & Mississippi in Little Rock. We are on the back side of Edward’s Food Giant between Sydney’s Alterations and Rosen Music Company. With our rock star parking, we will have you out of here as quickly as possible. However, since not only are everyone’s fingerprints different, so is the moisture and condition of your skin. We take our time to make sure we get you quality prints for your application.

Cantrell Live Scan is approved by the Arkansas State Police to capture and transmit your fingerprints digitally to the ASP. Further, as an Arkansas State Police approved fingerprint harvester, we are also able to initiate your background check for the following Arkansas licenses: Pharmacy Board, Private Security and CSO/CSSO, PI, Alarm Installers and Sales, ABC, Medical Marijuana, COU, PSY, Medical Board, SLB and AWA. (We generate the Transaction Control Number required by the particular licensing authority and collect and transmit your fingerprints.)

Live Scan fingerprinting is the process of digitally scanning your fingerprints for secure electronic submission to the Arkansas State Police for your background check. We can also scan your fingerprints for print to an actual fingerprint card (the FBI F-258) for submission to any other agency or employer in any state. Our process uses no ink and rolls your fingerprints across a glass plated specialized scanner. We are incredibly aware of our cybersecurity and use an encrypted static IP for transmission. Our drives are offline until transmitting and are physically locked in a vault every evening with monitored security and video.

If necessary, we can also print you via a “wet print” method. This is the old fashioned way – ink. It’s a little messy, but sometimes a true ink card is required for a particular agency – or four. (Think of the State of Washington Board of Education.) Update: Washington will allow dry fingerprinting. But we have now done “wet ink” fingerprints recognized by court systems in Egypt, Israel, India, South Africa, Bulgaria and Belgium.

To be printed for Arkansas live scan transmission you must bring a valid picture ID issued by a state or US federal agency as well as the confirmation number provided to you by the person, company or agency requesting your prints. (FYI: A pic on your phone of a drivers license is NOT a valid form of ID.) We can and have previously asked for an additional form of ID. If something does not pass our smell test and you cannot confirm  who you are to our satisfaction, we will gladly make an appointment for you to be printed at the Saline County jail. Appointments were previously encouraged, but walk-ins are now  accepted Monday through Friday from 10 to 4. Payment is expected at the time of printing. Electronic live scan digital fingerprinting and transmission to Arkansas State Police for Arkansas agencies is $25. Digitally printing your fingerprints to the FBI FD-258 card is $35 for 2 cards and $10 per 2 additional cards. The FBI FD-258 card is the general (or generic) fingerprint card accepted by most fingerprint scanning agencies nationwide. Wet ink fingerprints are $50 for the first card and $10 for each additional card. We also offer notary services for $15 for the first document and $5 per additional notary signature.

Passport photos are available. 

Certified true copies of Passports and other documents available as a notary is on staff daily.

ATF EFT files now available. We can scan your prints to a flash drive, include your mandatory passport pic on the drive and hand it to you on the spot. It’s only $85 and can be used as many times as you need it.

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT: We are an FDLE approved live scan site. We can launch your background check with your fingerprints and photo for almost any state agency in Florida. The agency provided ORI code is required and we generate the transaction number for return to your particular agency. Prices vary per agency, so call for more details.

We also offer a mobile service. We can come to your office on your schedule. Of course, unless it is a group, there is an extra fee for this premium service, but if you are in surgery daily, or just cannot make it by our office, please contact to check in to this option.

Need to fax something? Yep, we can do that… $2 for page 1 and a buck a piece per page after that. (Who faxes these days? Usually medical information or when you send PII to a financial institution. We see it about once or twice per month.)

Scan your documents to a flash drive on our pretty high speed Kyocera copier/scanner or print color copies of up to 11×17 inches (duplex) on our pretty, low speed Sharp color imaging machine.

A visit to our office may very well include a greeting from a 12 pound (and growing wider) Shih Tzu baby. This 15 year old, hypo-allergenic, non-shedding bundle of pure love might just be sitting in the back room somewhere or hiding under a desk with her sister, the rare breed of d.o.g. (we cannot say that word aloud) Chicken-Shih-Tzu, who is 4 and is also related to the family Bin Laden. These will not hurt you. We love all animals. We even have a bunny in the office. Her name is Wabbit. If you have read this far, thank you and we hope to see you soon. Mention this paragraph and get a free business card – or even a fingerprint card and maybe a complimentary Cantrell Live Scan ink pen! (As of May 30, 2024, the above mentioned babies are not in the office. The old lady is now really too old to be around many people – which means she wants to be in somebody’s lap. Her daddy can’t roll prints with a d.o.g. in his lap and she cries otherwise. She is staying home in her room with the terrorist.) No, there were no fingers lost to fireworks over the 4th of July.

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Cantrell Live Scan
Located at the southeast corner of Cantrell and Mississippi, behind Edward’s Food Giant in Little Rock. We are 1.8 miles north of I-630 on Mississippi and 2.4 miles east of I-430 on Cantrell Road.

7509 Cantrell Road Suite 103A, Little Rock, Arkansas 72207